About Us

Enrolment: 24     Grade Levels: K – 9

The first school opened in Wrigley in December 1958 following two extended summer schools in 1957 and 1958 conducted on a volunteer basis by the Penticostal Church. 

The school was removed from “Old Town” Fort Wrigley six miles north and on the east bank near the airport. The students had to be taken to school by boat in summer and dog team in winter from the “Old Town” to “New Town”. It grew to a three building, two teacher school in the 1966-67 school year. The old building was then used as a shop, library and community games room. 

In 1983 it was renamed “Chief Julian Yendo School” in honour of the former chief. Students travelled to Fort Simpson for grades 6 – 9 and then to Yellowknife for grades 10 -12 until 19?? when the high school opened in Fort Simpson. 

The present school was built in 1992. It has three classrooms, a language and culture room, a kitchen and library. The gym separates the school and the band office.

Chief Julian Yendo School is committed to providing students with cultural experiences and infusing Slavey language into each classroom.  An area of focus for the school it to increase attendance through positive behaviour supports and recognition for students with high attendance.